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The Godolphin Arabian: an inspiring horse

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The Godolphin Arabian started his life in Yemen
Before he sailed across the seas wide
But he could have been a barb or as thought Arabian
In his new home they counted only the height of his side

No longer prized, but to pull a weighty wagon sent 
Underfed and yet undaunted without a pedigree
For years to work unworthily he went
But somehow someone later, his worth did see

So sold to a stud where he had his first offspring
With Lady Roxana he sired Lath a leggy colt 
Lath a gold-touched bay beautiful for admiring
And when running went like a wind or crossbow bolt

Lath won the Queen's Plate nine times out of nine
Then from the pair more colts came, Cade and Regulus
Gold-touched bay again with crested conformation fine
To have the Godolphin as sire was a plus

Though he himself could not race, as a race stud
He excelled, and all equine were exceptionally fast
If they had in them the Godolphin  blood
He was a prized stallion, much sought after at last

Now as a fast Thoroughbred forefather we see
The great Godolphin Arabian gallop 
Through many a most marvelous horse’s pedigree
And make their fleet feet pick up

Along with Darley Arabian and the Byerley Turk 
Stallions from which all Thoroughbreds do descend
We see the magnificent Godolphin’s blood at work
And that brings this tale telling to an end

A sketch I did years ago.... 

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  1. Wow! That poem was fantastic! Love the picture of the horse, too. :)

  2. He was an amazing stallion! I love the book!

  3. Beautiful! Oh my! That is an AWESOME sketch!! :)