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I am almost up to 300 posts on my blog so I have been thinking for my 300th I should do a giveaway! But the question that has been racing around my head is what and how can it be for all my American/international readers as well as my Australian ones, (most of which I know personally). I have come up with an idea. Naturally the prize will be a book and I shall buy it from Book Depository, but I shall do so after the giveaway winner has been announced so I can get the book posted straight to them and it is as easy for it to go to somewhere international as here. 

So unless you are an alien or a human who for some reason has gone to live on Mars I should be able to send it to you easily. Sorry aliens if there are any reading this, which I highly doubt. The next question I must face is "what book?" and "do I actually decide on a final book or let the winner chose out of three?" and in that case "which three?" There just happen to be a lot of good books in the world. 

I'm not yet sure how I am going to do the giveaway, I may use Rafflecopter... but that depends greatly on if I can get it to work, have never tired to do anything with it before.... other than enter a giveaway. If that does not work then I shall have to draw names out of a hat. 

I think the answer to what book will be which three but I currently have thought of five so if you would like to comment and tell me which three you think I should have to choose out of or else just one which you feel really must be included in the three.



Before You Meet Prince Charming, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, Joshua, Start Here and Till We Have Faces. I have read all these books and they are what I consider must reads. 

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  1. Hmmmm, I think either "Start here" or "Making brothers and sisters your friends!" This is so exciting! I've used rafflecopter and it is REALLY easy!

  2. I think 'Before You Meet Prince Charming' or 'Joshua'. I am so excited! :D


  3. 'Before you Meet Prince Charming' and 'Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends' !!

  4. This is a wonderful idea Clare! Probably "Before You Meet Prince Charming" or "Making Brothers and Sisters Your Best Friends." :) Excited!! :)

  5. Well it seems that "Before You Meet Prince Charming" and "Making Brothers and Sisters Your Best Friends." will be making it in, and I suppose I shall decide on a third unless anyone else has any preferences.

    Now I just have to wait till I get to 299 posts. andworkouthowtouseraffelcopterthing