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Bush Tucker Camp

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I went camping again for the first time in years.... quite a lot of years. After the first night I remembered why. I tend to not sleep well on a less than an inch thick inflatable mattress. It sure makes me thankful for the beautiful, comfortable bed I have at home! 

I shan't mention more than the fact that there was something called a toilet and that I don't wish to dwell on the thought.  But to the good parts, food could be found in plenty... Though some of it was rather strange like the Nettle Quiche. Because we had arrived the night before we went up to the house and helped make the "Mud" Roasted and crushed wattle seeds. Oh they were hard to crush. Later that day we mixed up some Wattle Blossom Pancakes, which are exactly as they sound. They were fairly normal pancakes, a bit thicker, with wattle blossoms in them and no they did not taste fluffy. We used the "mud" in the cream to go on the pancakes, it felt so strange to scrape in the rather mud like stuff in to the white cream (that refused to thicken).

Wattle Blossom Pancake mixture

Nettle Quiche
We also ate Prickly Pear Jam on "twisters" which were like bread/damper that we twisted on the end of a stick and cooked over the pit fire. We also tried some Blackberry Nightshade Jam on the pancakes along with the cream and mud mixture. We also had pizzas that were pretty normal except for the fact that they were cooked in camp ovens or the big mud oven thingy (I forget what it is called). Other people ate the kangaroo, possum, and fish.... I didn't, there was quite enough other food. 

We were shown lots of bush tucker... mostly weeds that could be eaten like the native bush above, you eat the fruit which if you get a less mature fruit is really sour, there is not much of it to eat though because most of it is seed. We also chewed on black boy spikes and ate flowers, violets. Huge Variegated Thistles grew all along the driveway but they were things to be proud of and not got rid of. We were shown the Green Hooded Orchids that often are hard to find, but because of a bushfire there last year they were springing up in tens and twentys all along the creek where we walked. The Aboriginals used to eat the bulb... I think. We ate Wandering Jew like it was lettuce along with chickweed, after learning how to tell if it is real chickweed or false. (the false chickweed is more hairy and the real chickweed only has hairs on one side of the stem.)

Variegated Thistles

Green Hooded Orchids

We did crafts like mat weaving... I got titled something like master mat-weaver, I had done it before so I knew what to do.... and I don't actually know if anyone else finished theirs. We also got covered in mud making clay things, the problem was we had to remove as many stones as possible from the clay before hand.

We threw boomerangs and got them back out of trees and found the ones we lost. Some people made "spears" (sticks with pointy ends) and chucked them at a box. We were attacked by wild goats.... ok not exactly.

Well my shoes counted themselves attacked at any rate. We did a bit of standing around fires talking, and I have a lot more things for an Awkward and funny post I'm going to do soon.

I also could not be bothered to put my water mark on so many photos.... I have to do them one at a time so I just exported them and bulk watermarked them... easier. And now follows more photos...

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  1. Hey Clare!!!! awesome photos, you have a great eye for photography :D