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Back to the Beach

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It just occurred to me that I still had not posted some general photos I took while on holidays. Though I am a month late, I shall still post them. So enjoy some of my favorites that I took while on holidays in May.

Our God is an awesome God! Look at the power of the ocean! He made it.

A double rainbow on the last day of holidays

Many pieces of pumice (volcanic rock that floats on water) all washed up on the beach. I even found a few really big pieces of pumice that I brought home.

We call one of the beached near where we stayed "Dog Beach" as it is one where dogs are allowed off leash and there is always at least one around and sometimes heaps.

I followed this kookaburra around for a while until I finally got this photo. He was being dived bombed by some kind of black birds. I don't remember what they were other than they were large and black.

I spent quite a while destroying crab holes in an attempt to dig one out for Ann to see. Eventually I got one crab out then chased it over the sand dunes for a few minuets until I finally caught it! Then I showed Ann ans she poked it into a rock pool which the crab did not seem to enjoy so I fished him out. After that he seemed calm, or drowned enough to sit on the sand and let me take photos of him.

Ann finding smooth rocks.

Do you know what this is?

It is a collection of these..... I know what they are but do you? We saw heaps of them allover one beach. They were the most fantastic shapes and looked like odd, tentacled, sea creatures that had been washed up on the tide. 


Although you can't tell, this is a photo of dolphins.... they are just underwater at the time.....

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Which was your favourite?
Have you ever caught a crab before?
Did/do you know what the things on the sand were?

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  1. So what camera do you have? And do you like it?

    1. As said below and yes I do like it but want to buy more lenses when I have saved up enough I am looking at another $800+ one at the moment, a lens are generally worth what you pay for it.

  2. I use a Canon 600D camera body with a really good portraiture lens (canon lens EF 85mm 1: 1.8). I was borrowing another photographers lens for most of these photos though and I am not sure what one it is. It's the lens that is important as well as the photographer.