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Wild Flowers of June

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We went wandering in the paddock next door again as we often do whenever we have a visitor. Looking out over the river and low lands at the bottom of the cliff is beautiful. I took photos of all the flowers I saw while walking. I quite like these fluffy yellow ones, even the plants are an unusual colour. They are almost blue rather than green. You can see the size of the actual plant in the photo below.

Fire weed is abundant as always and is now going to seed to spread hundreds of new plants to the wind.

These small, spindly, purple, daises were difficult to take photos of, just because the camera did not think they were big enough to focus on. 

These white flowers were growing on a bush about a meter high and two meters wide. Though it could have been two bushes close together. The dirt and grass stalks under them were speckled with the fallen flowers.

These berries are growing on another plant growing on a tree. I think it is a kind of mistletoe. I do know that the tiny mistletoe birds like eating these berries. And it is in this tree only that I have ever seen the little creatures. (near our place at any rate)

I don't know what these two purple ones are, I would expect though, that the one on the left is a weed and the one on the right could be a native. The ones on the left appeared to be of a rather invasive and stocky sort. The other looks much more delicate and there was only one of these flowers, hence my assumption that it is a native one.

Lastly the sticky-beaks.... pretty (flowers anyway), but oh so bothersome, most of these plants have already broken into heads of black spiky seeds, that come off when anything brushes against them. 

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  1. Amazing pictures! Those flowers look beautiful :)