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Australian Brush Turkey

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While on holidays I was not without my poultry, though I did miss my own, I had a few more. I do look forward to seeing the turkeys every time we go to Port Macquarie for holidays. They are very friendly! I took Ann out to see them and we fed them bread or pasta.

There are six or so Brush Turkeys that live along the creek at the bottom of the land of the flat we stay in. Many years ago there were tens of them, possibly there still would be if the "Turkey Lady" had not moved away. She lived just on the other side of the creek and of an evening would feed the turkeys grain and they would come flocking into her yard from all around. I used to stand on the bridge over the creek and watch. But one year when we came someone else lived there who I named the "Cat Man" as there were now five or more cats always hanging around his yard.

Interestingly the Australian Brush Turkey does not incubate its own eggs but builds a huge mound of organic matter to cover the eggs and the heat from that incubates them. But the male stays near the nest and occasionally digs into the mound to check the temperature. He either pulls off some of the matter or adds more depending on the temperature!

When they do hatch though they are left to fend for themselves but in a very short time (a few hours) can fly just like the adults can. 

But these six would come quite close and I convinced one to eat of my hand.... but decided not to try that again after finding out how sharp their beaks are. The turkey got my fingers more often than the food. Later while I sat on the grass photographing another turkey.... the first one decided my toes were juicy..... 

Which also happens to hurt a little. 

But I like the Brush Turkeys, even if they are a little ugly..... They are poultry after all.

Do you like any sorts of poultry?
Have you ever seen a Brush Turkey?

and yes next post shall have beach photos on it!

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  1. Your photos are really beautiful! And your words are perfect. I can imagine the scene in my mind's eye. Who knew poultry was so interesting?

    1. Only God's words are perfectly perfect, but I am glad that you think mine are good! Words are so powerful.

      I do like poultry of all kinds, and for as long as I can remember have found them interesting, even just sitting and watching them for ages.