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That just says it all

Yes some characters really need a little more sense.... if only they'd do as I told them....

Like for everything...

Just the other night..... then I finished the book and there was no way I was going to sleep, far too exciting.

Especially if they are cheap and there are ones I have been looking for...

Yes well I do do that...

So profound....

All these are from my Pinterest board For The Love Of Books. I have a great dislike of using others pictures and graphics but have finally convinced myself to post these. So hope you enjoyed them. Which is your favourite? My Mum saw me doing this post and sees two pictures..... then she realizes, "You have a whole post of them." Me "Yes well as many as I could bother to put on one... there is my pintrest board too there is 187 on it..."

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  1. I loved this!!! My favourite was the "Why breathe air why you are going to die anyway???" XDDD

    1. Oh yes.. I have even quoted that to someone once!

  2. Can I say I love all of those quotes? Especially the one about staying up all night to read...and the one of "I tried EVERYTHING to get to sleep!" Yeah. Me to a “T”. :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes that would be one of my favourites.... but then a lot of these are my favourites, which is why there are here!

  3. Loved these!! I couldn't pick a favorite. XD