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Photo Shoot at the Beach

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The day before we planned to do the photo shoot we checked out the beach, it was beautiful.... the sand was clean and shiny.... that day, little did we know of the scum that would be allover the beach the next day, but then how could we know?

 Samuel modeled for me that day. The next day we all got dressed into our denim and white clothes and drove to the selected beach. I took photographs in the sand dunes first. I had all these plans of setting up the tripod on the beach to get more photos of the whole family, but the tide came too high and there was nowhere to set up the tripod so with the help of my dad and sister "Walking Tripods" I got photos with me in them, but not any more of the whole family.

The reflections just make this photo. it was a pity that Ann was feeling sick most of the time while on holidays so it was hard to get her in photos, let alone get a smile out of her. But I did get this candid one of her that I really do like!

My brothers were rather funny. This photo of them running from the waves looks just like a picture in a story book, another of my favourites.

I got so dizzy spinning around  that one time I started running towards the waves instead of away from them as they came in..... nearly ended in disaster, but not quite. I also almost fell a few times, but it was fun.

My sisters were both reflector holders at one time or another. I am so glad I had borrowed the reflector as well as a lens for this, now though I have my own reflector and hopefully I will soon have enough to buy another lens like the one I took most of these photos with.

No that is not how you use a reflector..... unless you need it as a hat of course.... Now to the scum... It covered the sand in most places. Each wave would bring it in and normally the end of a wave is no problem, but when it carried that scum with it... well there were a lot of cries of 'scum' and 'ewwe' and other shrieking sounds whenever a wave caught someone. It was horrid slimy, foamy stuff.

As the sun set, we had a few minuets of golden light on the hill and reflections of it on the sand. By this time only my dad and us older girls were left. So we became sun chases and we followed it up the hill to the light house at the top.

You can see the bottom of the steps we walked up in the above photo.

There came a shout of, "dolphins" and I, who was well behind everyone, hurried to catch up. We looked out over the blue waves as the sun sank lower. Finally six of them jumped from the waves, then sank into the depths of the sea. 

I sorta got a photo

I took these photos of Jane at the lighthouse then we followed the sun back to our holiday house.

We had not managed to get a photo of the whole family that turned out ok. I was rather annoyed... very in fact, so a few days later we went again, but to a different beach. I took some photos in a place I had been eyeing off before. The photo below is on the way down to the beach. I put the tripod in the grass and mess on one side of the winding road, set everyone up and pressed the button. Then, checking for cars, I ran across the road to stand with everyone and the camera on a timer took the photo!

Sounds simple...... well whatever, but it isn't.

Then we went down to the beach (a different one from the other day). We had lost the sunlight, but that turned out ok anyway. With the photo below I had to run even further and down a pot-holed slope in less than 10 seconds, without hurting myself and still get into the photo looking presentable. Quite a feat really, and I did it a few times!

Everyone had taken their shoes off, (or sensibly had not brought them) but Daddy at least had left his down on the beach and the waves found them.... so with a yell he chased them and managed to snatch his shoes from the waters fingers just in time, and I got photos of it.

We also took some more photos of different combinations and got this one of all us girls, I do like the idea, which I saw somewhere and happened to think of it then.

Mummy made Jane stand lower than her....

This candid one of the boys drawing in the sand is another favourite of mine.

It seems that there are many who are taller than me..... on well, I'll always be older.

All in all, lot of fun and great photos. 

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  1. It looks like so much fun. Your photos are beautiful! My favourite is the one of all you girl. It sort of reminds me of one of the songs out of the Sound of Music (was that it's name?)

    1. Yes I suppose it is like a scene from the Sound of Music, I do like that.