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A Month of Washing: Week Three

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Me wearing the shirt/tunic I made
Day 15 Sunday: Need I say?

Day 16 Monday: Well I put on one very full load and I shall do the other tomorrow.

Day 17 Tuesday: I put on another very full load. And I decided the other day; to hand wash my sister’s band shirt and also my hand made shirt. I have made two shirts and I have noticed how the one that has been through the wash a lot of times is not looking so happy in some places so I think I shall attempt hand washing them. The first time we washed Jane’s band shirt a few other clothes got rather damaged…. We didn’t realize it was brand new and of course it is red…. So one of my favourite brown and white skirts is now… well not so white, along with a few other clothes. So today I washed that offending red shirt by hand and turned the water in the bucket into a brownish pink colour. Disaster averted!

Day 18 Wednesday: The only problem with hand washing things is they take a lot longer to dry. So Jane’s band shirt is still a bit damp. I put on another load today with towels in it to fill it up, it is quite cloudy but hopefully it shall dry.

Day 19 Thursday: Didn’t do washing because I managed to forget about it for… well most of the day….somehow

Day 20 Friday: I did two loads….. wonder why???  The problem was that one of my sisters was mowing the lawn so I obviously couldn’t hang it out until she had finished, so I put one load on… and pulled it out into the basket then put another on and I hung out the first as it said there were about 6 minutes left for the second load to be finished. 

By that time the sun had shone on the ground for some hours and heat came not only down from the sun but up from the dry grass. The ants were also nicely active, just tiny black ones….. but if you stand on their trail for long enough, or not very long at all, most of the ants in the vicinity will climb onto your feet and nibble them…. Apparently between my toes is the tastiest place. 
When I had hung out the first load I went back in and got the second to hang out and pegged that all up too. 

Day 21 Saturday: I pulled a few gumnuts out of the door seal of the washing machine today…

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