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A Month of Washing: Week Four

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Day 22 Sunday: God’s day of rest.

Day 23 Monday: Well while hanging up a load of washing I pulled out one rubber glove…. I don’t think it belonged there, a cupcake wrapper…. And a toy phone.  The phone has a little history…..The toy phone had never worked until someone dropped it in the bath a few nights ago. It began to work… you know annoying toy sounds. The problem being that it had not worked for so long that it decided it would continually make the sounds and not stop, until it got dropped on the floor. But a few minutes later it began again so I got a screwdriver… The batteries were scary… rusty and jammed in. Eventually they came out and I didn't smash the phone with a hammer in the process. (I was not actually the person to get them out).

Day 24 Tuesday:  When I went out with the basket of washing the little black ants were all asleep, but after a few minutes they were well and truly awake. By the time I neared finishing I had to pretty much dance around to prevent swarms of ants getting all over me. They don’t even seem to have holes they come from, they just appear all over the ground and climb up and bite me…

Day 25 Wednesday: Well I did more washing today, surprised? No I guess not, less than a week of this month to go. Not that I mind doing the washing but I have pretty much exhausted most of the things that could go wrong. Except for a few like the washing machine breaking, ours did once and the one we got after that was similar except it plays a tune instead of beeping when it finishes. Our old one used to leak…. All-over the floor occasionally. And it ate things. It ate small pieces of clothing and zips mostly, finally it ate a piece of wire and that was why it went bye, bye. I have never known our new one too refuse to spit out I none piece anything put in it that way. 

Day 26 Thursday: Ages ago I started writing this 12 stanza…. Or was it 24 stanza poem. I wrote two stanzas each month while hanging out washing… maybe I shall try find it. Does anyone want me to? It could be funny… or terrible and embarrassing…. And it would depend on if it could be found, or at least the notebook in which it is written.

Day 27 Friday: I didn't actually write anything today and I don't remember anything about doing washing though I suppose I did.....I may have even done two loads....

Day 28 Saturday: somehow washing did not happen today…. I forgot to put a load on before breakfast, we went out for half the day after that….

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