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Month of Washing: Week Two

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Day 8 Sunday: Obviously I didn't do washing today, because it is Sunday.  

Day 9 Monday: I had to do two loads today. And I also ended up having to use about 15 PINK pegs because I ran out of blue ones… really not good. I got both loads out early before it got really hot, but the sun still burned down when I got them in at about 5:30. I sorted them out while listening to an audio book.

Day 10 Tuesday: I only had to do one small load today. The only thing is it still smells smoky outside, as it has all day. I hope it does not make all the washing smell. Alice got it in today, while I made tea and since the air just smells so much like smoke we have all got used to it…..

Day 11 Wednesday: The washing could have been rather interesting today except I found the book in the pile as I was putting it in the washing machine. I almost wish I had not found it… I am rather interested to know what a book would be like after being through the wash…. And what the washing would be like…. It was only one of Ann’s books… and I suspect that is how it got there.

Day 12 Thursday: There were not enough dirty things to put on a load.

Day 13 Friday: There was quite enough today. I put on one load then a few minutes later my dad asks what the odd noise is. I say it’s probably the washing machine. Then I think; wait why would the washing machine be making odd noises? There is this dull thud thud thud coming from the laundry….. not that there is much I can do about it. About half an hour later a great crashing and clattering starts…… When I pull the clothes out of the machine (FYI ours is a front loader) I also find a very large and very clean black rock…. As I hang out the washing I also pull out a small piece of stick. The day is cool and the clouds are grey so we shall have to see if anything gets dry. Luckily nothing went wrong with the second load except for the fact that it didn't get dry properly…..

Day 14 Saturday: Nothing unusual happened today…. And if I recall rightly Alice helped me get today's washing in. Then I sorted out both yesterdays and today's while listening to part of an audio book.

NOTE: We actually fold our washing as we get it in…. I know some people do not. The only times we don’t is when we have to get it in really fast like when it is about to rain. The folding of washing as it is got in results in less crinkled clothes, and therefore less ironing. 

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