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Soon enough will come the time when I shall have to do the HPT, otherwise known as the Hazard Perception Test. I have printed out the handbook and am reading it, so that I can Lord willing pass and get my green Ps, my P2 license. I must say when I had a go at the practice/example tests I was not impressed. 

 I could move a car on a sliders around and if I moved the car to where it would not be safe for me to turn while it was there, the screen flashes red and does not stop until I move the car back. You can see in the pictures... except they don't flash.

The "Scanning for Hazards" was almost worse. It moves.... so it looks like I am meant to be driving along a highway. You are meant to click on any hazards. The problem is (apart from some of them being ridiculous, like a kid bouncing a ball in the middle of the freeway) that you can actually click on everything that appears on the screen even if it is not a hazard. Though it does only tell you that "You have safely avoided a hazard" when you actually click one of the hazards.  

Two of the hazards are sneaky though as they come from behind but the biggest problem with them is just to actually get my mouse to where they are to click on them fast enough.  (Anyway when I am driving I sit in the drivers seat, not in the middle of the second row.) I also hope that someone would be holding onto the steering wheel..

See the hazard in the mirror? 

Yes and apparently the real tests are not animated, but are clips of real live situations. And apparently it is also touch screen..... I have a great dislike of touch screen.... there are no nasty screens to touch and leave fingerprints all over when I drive....

I am not afraid of failing, for the reason of failing, because I know I drive well and sensibly, doing that test won't prove anything to me. But I don't want to have to pay to sit it again..... or have to sit the test again for the simple reason I hate sitting tests. That is why I don't want to fail..... But Lord willing, it shall be as easy as the practice tests for South Australia......

The scenario of having to turn right and
never being able to seems their favourite...

I found them too. They seem much more like what the real thing is described to be like. I did those... and afterwards wondered what happened if you got one wrong. Naturally I had to find out. So I have done the South Australian Practice Hazard Perception Test, and done it well.... I have also done the NSW Practice thingys for the Hazard Perception Test..... I also did them fine.... well the one that could be done.... and I made the others flash.....

In the SA HPT I also found a way to make it do a different lot of questions the normal URL ends in "hazard-perception-test/1/1" with the last 1 changing to the number of the next question, but if you change the first 1 to 4 for example you will get a new lot of questions.

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