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Awkward and Funnyness

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Walking backwards into other people while I am taking photos of people. I do this way too much.

When I say some technical word for something and everyone suddenly stares at me, because they have no idea what I just said… usually the word has something to do with writing or photography. In the most recent case it was Beta readers…. Google it if you want to know.

Driving along at night and a car is coming towards me so I go to turn down my high beams. For some reason I turn the lights off for a second…… only very shortly but still I did it…. then about a minute later, while still berating myself for turning my lights off another car comes towards me……. And well….. I ended up turning my light off again.

Getting a bruise…. From falling over…. And…. Not being able to sit down for the next two days….. And only rather uncomfortably for a few more days after that.

Ann walks straight up to this stranger and looking up at him goes “Roar!”

When I get introduced as “The best photographer in the world”…. Nice, ok, but still a bit awkward and not entirely true.

I have two shirts of my dad’s to iron before he gets home. So out comes the iron and the ironing board. I put up the ironing board and it falls down… I do it again and again it falls down. After some time I manage to hold it up while plugging in the iron and turning it on. Then I stand with a foot on each leg of the ironing board and hold it up that way….. Which makes me even shorter than normal and also makes the ironing extremely difficult. But when I take my foot away it falls down again. Eventually I jam the legs between one of my feet and the door frame and continue ironing.

When Jane is talking to Siri on Alice’s “thingy” and says “Siri” and daddy is at that time sitting across the room with his phone plugged into the computer. The Siri on his phone (which when plugged in can be voice activated) suddenly goes “bing” and asks daddy what his question was. When my mum comes into the room Jane tells here what Daddy’s phone did and repeats what she said…. Sure enough daddy’s Siri wakes again, and is turned off. The same thing only happens about twice more that night!

I seem to have this hate love thing with Frozen…. Proven again when listening to town band practicing last night. I stopped reading, my book and just listened to the music, it sounded so cool! The played this really great part over and over to get it right. Then they went on to the rest of the song and I started to wonder what it actually was. Then I peered at the music trying to read the title…… sure enough…. LET IT Go… It sounded great with the whole band playing it, but then I proceeded to get the song stuck in my head…

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