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The 777 Challenge

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The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.

So the following is seven pages down from the "chapter one" heading in my current WIP. Because of the spacing I have (or more don't have) in the word document my story is in. This is actually part of what I have currently called chapter two. And without the context make almost no sense.... but anyway here it is.

“Well now, queen of questions, do as you feel. It matters not much.  Any ground will do, sand, soil or stone. Results will differ, but not to any harm or better.” Amara replied. 

I turned and walked south carefully holding the end of the branch away from the ground. “Amara what is the name of the creek that flows through this forest and connects to Ni-edo Arian, the stream that flows past the Du Cassis Manor?”

“Of most recent time it is the Silver Way, Arian Tran-wyn, but of old we called it the Way of Silver. You must not take too long to get there though; it must be done within in two of twenty four.”

And I think the word "challenge" could almost be changed to blogger tag/award... almost. I am not sure who of my followers do write though, so if you do, please count yourself tagged and link to your post (with 7 lines of your story in it) in the comments.

Jane I know you are writing/editing a story, so you are tagged.
And feel free to use the picture I painstakingly made for this post. 

His Princess did the tag on her blog.

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  1. Cool piece - I can even make some sense of it...

  2. Awesome excerpt. Here's mine: