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Awkward with hints of Awesomeness

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I walk to my desk to get my book late at night and have to turn lights on to find it… Only when I have turned them off and got back to my room do I realize I picked up the wrong book, so I go back and turn the lights on again.....

Going to an Op Shop (second hand shop) and buying two spoons…. Two small spoons. 

The fact that the first craft thing I found on Pinterest and did was making a pin board…. A real life pin board

Parking in a spot where It was impossible for me to get out in one direction and in the other direction people were putting shopping in their cars so I didn’t want to run over any of them…. So I tried very unsuccessfully to get out one way then had to start all over again and try the other way…. Eventually the man in the car I was almost crashing into directed me a bit and I managed to get out….. so not fun….

Then because I was feeling how terrible my driving was and because I was coming up to the traffic lights behind a truck… a great phobia of mine…. Trucks…. I decided to take the second lane which people hardly ever use and I don’t because it means the stress of merging back in just after I go through the traffic lights….. I went in it and got to the front of that lane…. When the lights went green the guy in the car next to me must have been sleeping so I ended up merging prettily easily… at the front! I did go just over the speed limit though…..

One of my uncles is very particular about looking proper and all (his brothers (my dad) in particular) had to wear the right sort of clothes to the funeral. And all the cars had to be washed…. Well as we were driving there I couldn’t help thinking “So much for the clean cars” as we all drove along over road works… which currently meant the road was dirt. “So much for the washing” as a car turned in front of us and roared off down a dusty driveway. The wind picked up the dirt and trailed it over the road and over all our ‘clean’ cars…. And when the truck went past showering us with dirt… Then I had to laugh when I saw my uncle’s hat when we stood outside for the last ceremony… he had his normal hat on….. an old hat, very tatty and with a hole in the top, also if I remember correctly his uncle had tek-screwed a board to it last time.

When someone compliments me on the shirt I made and am wearing and goes on to talk about how it is a really old fashioned pattern that is just coming back into fashion and do I like it….. of course I do otherwise I would not have made it!

When driving in a 110 zone and I have had the Cruise Control on for at least half an hour. I feel like I might be going a bit fast and look down at the speedo….. BREAK! We were going downhill and normally it is fine when on cruise control, but this time I had found myself going along at 110…. Sure not over the speed limit for normal drivers…. But P1 drivers are only meant to go 90………

Me merging onto the highway…. Where everyone else is going 110 and a truck is in the lane I need to merge into…. My most dreaded situation so what do I do… start saying what I am feeling “Freaking out, freaking out.” Oh it helps….. well maybe not….

Clear Light Photography…. Just awesome need I say more?

I am filling up the car with petrol; the first time I take ages to actually find the number of the bowser…. I am not used to gigantic service stations who attempt to hide the numbers way up high. I also figured that since it is so big I would not be able to walk in and have the people at the desk tell me…… like the often do because I forgot to look or I did but just plain forgot.

The second time goes smoothly till I have to pay for the petrol, the machine rejects Mummy’s card… The lady asks me to put it in the machine instead of using wave pay…. “Um”…  I don’t do anything because I have never used Mummy’s card in any way other than wave pay… and there is something else I know or more to the point I don’t know…. “Don’t you need a pin?” Then the lady asks  me if I know the pin…… which I don’t because I have never been told it and have never had the need to use it…… I was looking at the long line of customers behind me and wondering if mummy had any cash in her purse… I had some… back at the car which would be at one of the furthest bowsers. Luckily for me Mummy did have just enough cash…. Just… otherwise it would have been even more awkward… and all this time my Mum and siblings were somewhere and I was not exactly sure where… but I had been left to fill the car with petrol…. I survived…. Just.

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  1. I always love reading awkward and awesome posts! Thanks for sharing. ;-)
    Have a blessed day!