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Give Thanks Challenge 2014 1st - 7th

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I am doing the KBR Give Thanks challenge again this month!

1st I am thankful for
~Movie nights with my family
~Sharing a room with my sisters so we can talk with each other instead of getting up....
~Fun books to read in bed 
~Wild winds that make leave lose their hold and twirl down in an array of colours.
~Eight little grey chicks, that run around cheeping all day
~Mulberry trees in chook yards (chicken if you are an American) Because everyone should know that at least in Australia for a chook yard to be a proper one it must have a mulberry tree in it.
~And for the mulberries on the tree…. Fat and juicy!

2nd  I am thankful for
~The Slave auction at church today 
~and the huge amount of laughter as things and services were auctioned off to raise money for the carols.
~The joy singing brings, the joy of being close to God in worship
~Fudge….. really tasty fudge…..
~Babies at church
~And getting to watch them learning to crawl and then walk and laugh and smile back at me.

3rd I am thankful for
~My blog... Imagine how much time I would have if I didn't have to post regularly on it..... but then what would I do with all the stuff I would still write..
~Computers and hard drives that normally work and for 
~My amazing dad who can fix them.. or get new ones when they refuse to work properly.
~The internet, it can be such a blessing in helping people to connect with each other to share encouragement, insight, life and many other things
~My camera… I suppose it is surprising that I got all the way to day 3 before mentioning my lovely camera…
~Friends and just people in general that can be the beautiful subjects of my photos.
~The pink and red roses I can see blossoming in the garden, splashes of brightness on the green and brown background.

4th I am thankful for
~Books, especially ones I can enjoy so much I forget I am actually meant to sleep at night. Just sometimes not so thankful later
~Bookmarks… otherwise I suppose I would never sleep… 
~My black lamp by my bed, torches are good too...
~My bed… good to sleep in and read books on
~The quilt I made that is on my bed
~and the matching cushions with horses all over them..
~Horses… words cannot describe how thankful I am for being able to just watch these animals…. And sometimes to photograph and draw them even if I am not blessed with owning one.

5th I am thankful for
~Prayer, the ability to talk to our Lord, our heavenly father
~That we can pour out all our troubles hopes and fears on him through prayer
~That through prayer we can thank him and rejoice in him and glorify him
~That through prayer we can intercede for others, for our brothers and sisters we have never met, for our Christian family from far countries
~When prayer is answered with a yes, which is always so nice.
~That our prayers are always answered 
~and always answered for our good and God’s purpose and Glory

6th I am thankful for
~For the golden sunset last night
~For the rain we had yesterday and last night that washed away the smoke that has clouded the horizon for the last few days. Making the air smell fresh again and that for today at least the air has stayed clear of the eye stinging smoke.
~For phones and being able to call just about anyone anywhere with them
~For chances of being blessings to others and seeing them before it is too late
~The sparkling blue eyes of my baby sister and her laughing mouth smiling up at me.
~Goannas and that I get to see them wild, even if it happens to be in my chook yard after it has eaten the eggs. I am thankful I can see those beautiful motely patterned creatures.
~And with the goanna’s steeling eggs I suppose would come the ravens… I am thankful for how their feathers shine so black and seem to reflect a little of the blue sky. The can be very pretty in some lights, Even if the normally look just a boring black.

7th I am thankful for
I am thankful, that in my trouble I can cry to you
And in my joy, happiness, and in peace times too
I am thankful for the beauty of this earth
For how much a sparrow, and more so me, is worth
I am thankful for my tongue that I may sing
My life, my hands, so glory I can bring

I am thankful for the flowers that grow
For the plates on the table, for bread from dough
I am thankful that you are God three in one
That you make us to be, a daughter or son
I am thankful for the talents that you give 
So we can bring you glory here as we live

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