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Give Thanks Challenge 2014 8th - 14th

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8th I am thankful for
~Op shops (I think Americans may call them thrift stalls or something of the like) Second hand shops anyway, where you can buy all sorts of things.
~Second hand book stores! I could spend hours in one of these…. If I had a lot of money to spend, but I probably could anyway. just breathing.
~Beads and chains for making necklaces
~Old spoons… that can be made into new things
~Old photographs and looking through them
~Old stuff, old anything memories, of my own and of others.

9th I am thankful for
~Air conditioning
~Water… for getting wet in and drinking… and if you are so inclined, to swim in...I am not so inclined.
~Microphones...but please don't have them turned up too loud... or I scare myself.
~That I can help lead the singing at church, and enjoy it so much
~My church family I see every Sunday
~The loan of a landscape lens!

10th I am thankful for
~My little chickens hatching today!
~Tasty sausages
~Mash potato that is mashed to perfection and nicely salted….tasty!
~Heritage cucumbers and their cool curly shape
~Sprinklers and the way the water sparkles in the sun as it sprays out and falls glittering to the dry grass.
~For the joy thankfulness brings 

11th I am thankful
~ That there is no limit to god’s holiness, glory and sovereignty
~That there is no end to his riches, wisdom and righteousness [Rom11:33]
~That we can study you great works as we read of them in the Bible [Psalm 111:2]
~That God wants me to delight in him [Psalm 37:4]
~That I need only trust in God and rely on no other [Psalm 62:8]
~That you are in control of EVERYTHING!
~That before I ask you know and hear

12th I am thankful
~For crazy cool breezes 
~For light scarves and how they fly in the wind
~For the sun streaming down on a far mountain in rays from where it hides behind a cloud.
~Grey clouds with pink tinges around the edge, that fade with the day.
~Sisters to take photos of… while they do seemingly random things
~A comfortable bumbag for holding spare camera batteries, lens caps and things.
~Running home in the dark along the road into the wind, and not being able to talk because of the noise of the wind.

13th I am thankful for
~Bible study
~The peaceful passing of a loved one
~Pens to write with and draw maps for stories
~Being able to help our neighbours mum clean their house so when the neighbours get back their house will be nicer. 
~Adorable little ducklings that like to sit in my hand
~Baby birds (Wild ones)
~Living where we can sometimes see the Wedge-tailed Eagles flying overhead.

14th I am thankful 
~That I have been saved by my Lord Jesus
~That God is my king for ever
~For grace renewed every day
~For baby sisters and not so baby brothers the can be so funny
~For words for being able to write with them, bless with them and take joy in reading them
~That my sisters and I could have a great time yesterday sewing shirts/tunic/dress clothes with a friend
~For the call of the common Koel (Bird)

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