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The Blogger Recognition Award

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I have been nominated for another blogger award! Who knew there were so many..... I didn't and apparently there are some I haven't got yet. This one is "The Blogger Recognition Award"... which is apparently for me existing and so I shall continue on with this award post. Thank you to my new follower who just found out that my blog existed; Katie from Lilies Of Grace.  I must state though; my blog has existed for a long time now and I am currently having a hard time trying to remember why I did start it.

So here's what I'm suppose to do:

1. Thank the person who nominated me, and provide a link to their blog. As one must for every award so that people who have nothing better to do in life can sit and click back to blog after blog after blog. Though I did do that a few times and I had a lot of better things I could have been doing!

2. Give a brief story on how I started my blog, and a one or two tips for other bloggers. :)

3. Choose 15 other bloggers to nominate for this award.

4. And comment on each of their blogs to let them know I nominated them!.... or let them know in some other way; however done is fine as long as they know they have been nominated... even if they chose to not believe the fact.

Well here goes: Why I started blogging

I posted my first post on Monday, 21 January 2013.... seems like ages ago. The reason I got a blog is because I like writing.. always have. I write poetry, random stuff, short stories and novels. I needed somewhere to share them.... or to make me share them and not just hide them. I kept a diary of interesting things that happened, but never showed it to anyone. I still do and still show it to no one, but now just about anyone who can read English can read a lot of my writing, because it is on my blog.... obviously.   Also I take photos, and I wanted to be able to show people my photos so they could enjoy them too. So I started this blog. At least as far as I remember... that is why I started this blog.

Blogging Tips

Most importantly blog. One of the first things I notice when I go to a blog is how recently they have posted and how many posts they do per month. The more often they post, the more likely I will keep looking at their blog. Photos is another thing, I like posts with photos to catch my eye, if there are no photos on their blog I will probably stop looking. But the very first thing I see when I go to a new blog is the design.... some just look disgusting... and I look no further.... others I decide i like just by now nice hey look, a layout and design that is nice and well done shows you care about how your blog looks... so you care about it and posting and quality. SO I suppose those are my tips... POST content regularly. Have pictures on posts. Have a nice looking blog.

And so I nominate:
Alice at Hope in Our Saviour
Jane wandering in The Misty Mountains 
Sarah floating in the clouds over Novus Papilio way
Zach who lurks in Zach's Abode
Emily sitting over at Amity
A nameless friend otherwise known as Lecheria Criada
Jasmine who calls herself Bush Maid
Lisa Dales at Musical Cowgirl for Christ
Rosie in Rosie's Treehouse 
His Princess who is Growin' Up Country 
Alyssa Monk who blogs over at Bits and Spurs
Julia Ryan who is Writing for His Glory
The Keller Girls over at Life With the Keller Girls
Sarah who is Trusting in The Lord Day by Day
Ashley who likes to catch Precious Moments 

I don't think I have ever done the right amount before, but now I have so you are all nominated because your blogs exist... I suppose... and it would be interesting to know why you started them in the first place...if you can remember that far back! But if you have done this award before I shall exemptify you.... hmm apparently exemptify is not a word.... oh well I don't care if it is not.

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  1. Hey Clare! Thanks for nominating me. What am I supposed to do? Do I just write how I started blogging and that's it??? :)
    ps. Do you live in South Wales? Thanks for looking at my blog!! :)

    1. Yep just use the same picture and "What I am supposed to do" but you can customize it. Then write of why you started your blog and try find someone to nominate... it does not HAVE to be 15 people. I don't think I have ever nominated the full amount before.

      South Wales....well sort of, but it is more correctly called New South Wales.... Which is a state on the East coast of Australia.