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I am now the official owner of an Australian Business, CLEAR LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY. Which is pretty exciting, now that I have got past all the horribleness of trying to get a TFN, an ABN and actually getting the name CLEAR LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY. The ABN (Australian Business Number) was the most difficult to get. I needed it, before I could get the name, but needing an ABN so you can get a name, was not one of the reasons to get an ABN..... let's just say my mum and I had a lot of fun.......... And got seriously sick of those little boxes that must be ticked.....and trying to work out which of those little boxes is the one that should be given such an honour.

I also started a Facebook page for it here. Which also caused pain. It would not let me create a page that was (apparently) so different to my name. I deleted my account and signed up as Clear Light Farrelly... Which worked, finally. After I had convinced Facebook that the previous account was not legitimate!(Later I could easily change my username to my real name, ahem, Clare Farrelly....) I think Facebook's purpose is to be as difficult as it possibly can, which it just about succeeded in doing. I almost gave up..... but eventually it worked.... eventually. See that picture below that is me, Clear Light Photography! and the profile picture was just the first picture I randomly uploaded....and have not bothered to change.

I would appreciate followers, likes and reviews so that people will be more likely to ask me to do a shoot for them.

I have also made a new watermark which does look heaps more professional, even if I do say so myself. I chose the name CLEAR LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY because of the initials CL photography..... which could stand for Clear Light or my first and middle name. Another thing I discovered is I could create my watermark in Photoshop and then make it into a brush/stamp and it is so quick to put in on photos now! I just wonder why I didn't find that out previously.

So there you go I am a registered Sole Trader...... Which is both scary and exciting.

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  1. Who's souls are you liberating? I always thought that ABN stood for Awful Baboon Nose, and I wondered why you had to get one...

    1. I never said souls, and I'm not the person who goes around liberating things..I think that may be you. And as to the ABN is that meant to be an insult to my nose! or is that just your ignorance showing through?

  2. Congratulations! ... Also since you have a 'Open 24 Hours', what will you do on the that someone calls you at midnight?

    1. Well there were different things to click on and "always open" seemed to be the closest... I was hoping people would use their common sense and courtesy and not do something like ring at midnight, though they can't because I don't have a phone number on there, only my email. So they can email me at midnight if they wish....... and I would read it at my leisure.

      I don't have a personal phone number anyway.... because I forgot to recharge my phone again and it was cancelled..... again.....