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Give Thanks Challenge 2014 15th - 23rd

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15th I am thankful 
~For the fun my brothers could have fun rolling around in long grass.. and getting itchy rashes..
~For beautiful CDs…. The songs on them
~For being able to take such beautiful photos and enjoying editing them
~For me made shirts! or should I say shirt/tunic
~The use of our car to drive places
~Vouchers for pet stuff
~blow-dryers… not for hair though.....

16th I am thankful 
~For wonderful friends that hang around at our place trying to help fix our computer problems
~For pizza…. And other tasty food 
~That I could play some card games with friends
~For being able to talk!
~For irons… that make screwed up clothes beautiful and wrinkle free
~Elbow grease… which is another element other than the iron that is needed
~Electricity… which I thought of for obvious reasons

17th I am thankful 
~For the excitement of stating my own “business”
~Then getting to make a new watermark for my photos
~And making a Facebook page for it
~For finding a new easier and much quicker way to put my watermark on my photos!
~For Photoshop
~and Lightroom they are both so helpful for doing things with photos
~For my head…and brain…. After all that I almost feel like I lost them somewhere in all that.

18th I am Thankful
~For willow trees that trail their leafy fingers in creeks that reflect the blue of the spring sky. Though it is feeling much more like summer than spring with all the hot days we have had.
~For grass that is so bleached is shines silver like moonlight on a hill at night except rising up into a blue, blue sky instead of black. Or like white sand on a beach just without the water.
~For cars so long journeys can be made in a day
~Eating chocolate in the car mashed between two marshmallows… tasty
~Wild flowers dotting the roadside, bright yellow paper daises purple flowers close to the ground, other yellow and purple flowers, an occasional snapdragon. 
~White butterflies flitting across the road in front of us.
~Listing to CDs in the car, audiobooks and my sister playing the flute.

19th I am Thankful For
~Golden light spilling out onto green grass (which has obviously been watered regularly)
~Old chairs..latticed… or whatever.. That just need me to take photos of them.
~Compliments on the shirt I was wearing and I had made
~Being able to sleep in an old ‘Guard Van’ train carriage that had been all done up into little rooms.
~Old farm machinery… investigating it and wondering how it works… and finding out.
~Meeting new people, especially when they are just lovely.
~Little cousins…Hamish, Patrick… so funny they are

20th I am Thankful For
~A comfortable bed while on holidays (such a rarity!)
~Mosquito nets…. And pegs the second night to do them up so I will not wake up to find myself in bits that the mossies have carried off… or have to squish the seven that spent the night with me, in the morning.
~The smell of warm clothes after they have been ironed
~Being able to play card games with our cousins and laugh a lot!
~My grandmother, and that we could be there with her.
~Miniature mulberry trees that are loaded with tiny mulberries…. And the birds have not found them!
~Fresh strawberries to eat with breakfast

21st I am Thankful
~That the funeral service for Grandpa was so beautiful and God honouring, just as he would have wanted it. 
~For the man, teacher, pastor, father, tool of the Lords and grandfather that Grandpa was.
~That he impacted so many lives as I saw firsthand by the AMOUNT! Of people at the funeral! SOOO many! And for the gratitude of all those people
~For clouds so white and beautiful as they sail through the sky like ships at sea.
~For smiling faces
~That amidst sorrow we can remember and laugh and cry, and laugh at now too.
~For all the people who prepared the tons of food….. I am not going to try say how much there was…

22nd I am Thankful for
~Golden paddocks of stubble dotted with huge bales of hay
~For the SMILE Jesus gives me
~Brothers “Why do some people have bushy eyebrows?” “Because that is the way God made them” Points at the man talking to our dad, “That man had very big ones, didn’t Gandalf have big eyebrows?” “Um yes but Gandalf is only in a story.” Me trying not to giggle too much.
~Being able to lay flowers and other symbols on my Grandpa’s coffin/casket/box (called all three things depending on who you ask.) as our little cousin said "Pa, Box, Down?"
~All our family and extended family that we got to meet… All from my dad’s side and most of them somehow distantly related in some obscure manner.
~Being able to borrow an old mirror to take some fun photos with while on holidays.
~That God is greater, stronger, higher than any other, awesome in power and so much more!

23rd I am Thankful
~For fans… for flapping away the heat, and accidentally having two in my bag, so a friend could borrow one.
~I think I have mentioned air conditioning before… but boy an I so thankful for it! Especially today as it is 42 degrees out there 107 degrees for you Farenheighters. (and it is not even the most heatfull part of the day)
~For Polka dot skirts
~That all my pets’ survived while we were away
~That we travelled there and back again safely 
~For home…. I just love being home and appreciate it even more when we have been away for a while.

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