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Amedeo: The True Story of an Italian’s War in Abyssinia

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I finished reading ‘Amedeo: The True Story of an Italian’s War in Abyssinia’ yesterday. It is a really interesting book. I had always wanted to read a book on one of the world wars written by a German. Well Amedeo wasn’t a German he was Italian, but the Italians were fighting with the Germans. Maybe more correctly they were fighting against the British. The Germans never actually gave the support they had promised, and in the end the Germans invaded Italy. Nevertheless Amedeo fought against the British and it strange knowing that in the end, the British would win. 

The book tells of all the things Amedeo did in world war two and before that in the Second Italo-Abyssinian War and the Spanish Civil War. Amedeo went by a lot of different names had great qualities of leadership, strategy and courage. He and others in the book would do everything they could for their king and country, even if they didn’t believe themselves in what they were doing.

 Amedeo also disguised himself many times and got away with it. The book definitely confused me at times though, with all the political talk and information about important people and all those impossible to pronounce names. But on the whole I enjoyed it.  Tis amazing to think Amedeo really did all that. 


Well sorta a spoiler

Warning Spoiler

that sounds really silly.... well a spoiler is on the way....

And that he survived it all and only died in 2010 eight years after the book got published. I was also glad that in the end Beatrice and Amedeo did get married.  She had waited so long, and with the knowledge that Amedeo could be dead. There were also parts I found very funny, like when Amedeo is asked if he has seen well himself...... and when he meets people after the war, who had tried to kill him.  

Now I won’t say anything else because if any people who read this are at all like me they will look at the spoiler warning and go “I must read this, because it is a spoiler. And someone put it there, so I will read it.” Or something like that. 

How I actually came to writing this: Well last night we watched a movie and went to bed some time before 11. I was trying to sleep and thinking over the day, I remembered reading the book and started writing a report in my head. I’m sure I said more than I have here but I just can’t remember what else. I didn’t write it down.... As I have said before, bed is the best place for ideas. By the time I finished thinking it was sometime after 11.... Anyway I think it is a really interesting book.

I just realized I forgot to say who the author is, how silly of me....... Tis Amedeo: The True Story of an Italian’s War in Abyssinia by Sebastian O’Kelly. Actually I realized it is on the photos....

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