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The Way, Truth and LIfe

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After making the "Truth" wallpaper I decided to make two more that sort of go with it. I also made up the little verse things on these ones.

I only realized that my camera could take sepia photos yesterday. While I was reading a book (small and short) on macro photography that came with the camera. So naturally I had to try, that is one of the photos I took. 

The room was fairly dark and outside the sun shone making it extremely hot and bright. Long exposure and a steady hand and I got the photo. 

"The Way" photo is a shadow of a piece of paper on the road, no I did not get squashed by a car because I am here writing this. and now I think I am finished writing this.

One more thing, our family is on holidays (we are not doing any school) this week. Instead I am reading Systematic theology, and I'm really looking forward to today's forty three pages of it.... It's only one chapter.....

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