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What I Found in the Chook Pen

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I heard a commotion of birds outside. On the chook pen fence were Noisy/Australian miners, butcher-birds and a raven, all squawking along with my chooks.  As I came closer they all stopped and flew away. I decided that if there had been anything there it must have let by now so I went about cleaning out the chicken’s water containers. Twas dry (this happened yesterday) so I watered my mulberry trees  (wops I used was, shall start that again) The leaves of my mulberry trees hung down and were rather wilted, so I gave them a water. Next I watered some of my other plants in the corner of the chook pen/yard. I sprayed the plants, then something dark moved. There on the ground sat a turtle. How it got in I don’t know (probably through the gate, yes it walked up and opened It. Ok no it got under)but currently it had its head stuck through the chicken wire. Turtles or at least this turtle don’t appear to be very smart, their shells are a lot bigger than their heads. This turtle didn't seem to realize that though. 

We kept the turtle in the (empty) guineapig cage (G-Pigs are in a different one). The boys were rather excited about the turtle and showed everyone.....even me. This afternoon- after the rain had stopped a bit- I took him down to the dam (next door). I waited for ages in the rain, which had started again as soon as I had got out into the paddock, to get some photos as he swam away. My brothers, who came too, soon lost interest and went to dig in the dirt/mud for rocks and pottery. I waited...... moved the turtle down closer to the water waited...... Samuel said to put the turtle into the water.... I waited and then moved it into the water and waited. 

The rain got a little harder and the turtle opened is beady, golden eyes. He peeped out from under his shell. Then waited and finally stretched out his neck (a very long one) and looked around. Out came his feet and he starts to turn around, slowly. The rain got harder. Then the turtle swam away and now the rain got harder still so the boys and I ran home. Funnily enough, just before we got under the carport the rain stopped. That seems to be the way it happens..... anyway I did get some photos. You don’t find turtles every day. 

It has been very windy today. And rainy whenever I went outside, well it started raining whenever I went out. But the rain no matter how little is lovely all the same. I also tried lying down on the wind, like leaning back into it. Normally I would fall but sometimes when it’s windy enough it works and when it doesn't well I end up on the ground. Gravity.....hmmm. All the thunder and lightning missed us though.

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