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Shattered Time

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I didn't know where my watch had got to yet again. "Jane what time is it?" Jane looks at the clock on the wall. "About six forty." Actually the clock had stopped then and the real time would have been a bit later. We only realized that at about seven fifty when we looked at the clock again and... "What? It can't be only that  time!" It wasn't. Jane got the clock down from the wall, set it to the right time and it started working again. We didn’t have to change the battery or anything. The clock still told the right time later, so all seemed ok. But of course I wouldn’t have done a post about something that boring.  What happened next made it much more interesting. A loud “Crash” came from the other room, glass splintered and spun across the floor.  (That is rather interesting).

 I ran into the other room.... well if you can call three fast steps running, and I actually only poked my head around the door, as the floor had pieces of sparkling glass all over it. The clock had stopped, well it still ticked, Note: ticking clocks are evil. It had stopped between the wall and the side board. 

Mummy and I swept all the glass dust into a pile and got rid of it. By glass dust I mean glass dust, that is how small a lot of the pieces were. But not quite all of it went in the bin, yet. I realized my luck in finding such an interesting photo subject.

I was supposed to put it all in the bin when I had finished taking photos but well........ The rest of the glass came out so easily.  The clock is now back on the wall, without any glass. 

And now for something else that has no relation to the above, except that it actually was doing what I wanted at the time of the incident above mentioned. 

Hmm where do I start?
Well the computer I use for everything (we have two and now two laptops as well, one of which is daddy’s work computer) has been playing up and going slower and slower. At least it hasn’t been so noisy since I vacuumed the dust out of it the other day.... 

No I shall start again.

It has not been hot today which is so different to yesterday. ( Ok that doesn’t even appear to be about computers, but it shall lead to them, be patient.) Yesterday there were wind speeds of sixty to eighty km/ph. It got rather hot. I had thought the wind was nice as it kept the air moving, but after church we got home and the computers had switched themselves off. We turned the air con on. We had a grey out. We turned the air con again. We had another grey out.... we didn’t turn the air con back on..... Computers stayed off.... eventually we stopped having grey outs and turned the air con and later computers back on. Twas late by that time. Then came the lightning..........

The clock incident happened this morning but I have been doing school work. Also the computer keeps crashing because some backup things are corrupted or something like that. Or the backup things are corrupted because the computer is dying anyway, or they aren’t related. I have had to restart the computer three times! And it takes ages to reconnect to the other computer (on which all our files are stored) and to the Internet   Just to make me happy the other computer just decided it would play up too.....well soon I may have to say R.I.P to my Rather Irritating PC. 
Tis a lesson in patience or tolerance..... but of course, “I hate waiting”. Actually that is the best thing about the computer playing up.... I get to say, “I hate waiting” which I really like saying!

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  1. I find it amusing that taking a picture is more important that removing all the glass. Side note/question, How old is the PC?

    1. I'm not exactly sure how old it is... I don't think it was new when we got it. I think that Daddy re built it. We are currently looking at buying a new one.

    2. And it is fun... playing with glass.