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Summer Winds: Relief in the Night

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Hot winds come in from the west
Smokey haze across the sky
Obscuring the hills from view
Smoke stings torchering the eye

Heat beating down from the sun
Rippling up from the ground
Pressing, thickening the air
Heat coming from all around

The sun is now high over
Passing in its long slow arc
Billowing smoke in the south
Starting with only one spark

Black shadows start from nothing
Longer they begin to grow
Creeping along the dry ground
All movement seeming so slow

Will the heat ever decrease?
How long shall its presence stay?
Will it depart for the night
but to return the next day?


Is that the east wind stirring?
I shall ask for it to be
For the east wind brings coolness
Coolness drawn out of the sea

It brings up clouds from the east
To cover the sinking sun
It whispers amongst the trees
Just before the day is done

Along with it comes a smell
That sends all the frogs to sing
The hope and expectation
Of rain, that wondrous thing

The heat is gone for a time
For a while we are all-right
It is just that bit cooler
We have relief in the night

The moon is red from all the smoke in the air.
Red is the colour that gets past the smoke and reflects back from the moon.

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