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My Chickens

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My little fluffy chickens I got a while back are getting rather big. They are no longer living in the laundry which is good, because now I don't need to carry them outside every morning. I got a few bits of umm junk (wire, wood poles, wood sheet, tin sheet and some concrete strengthening stuff) and divided of a section of the chook yard. Then I let my little chooks out into the big world. They didn't go far. They did fly up into the tree and onto the old G-pig cage they are sleeping in now.

The chickens can actually fit through the junk fence but the big chooks can't. Aragana decided to go through it and got attacked by a huge brown butterfly! (Butterfly is the name of one of my big chooks) Aragana came back through the fence rather quickly and noisily. 

terrible photo but
you can see they are fighting

The chickens seemed to survive last nights drop in temperature. It has been so hot but got down to 2 or 4 degrees! Two of the chickens fight with each other..... sadly.... they are probably roosters. 

Yesterday they all fell asleep while I sat out there eating flies and reading..... systematic theology and yes twas me eating flies not the chickens. NEVER TRY IT TIS HORRID. Seriously horrid...    

They explored a bit further today, and love scratching holes in the ground.... all chooks seem to, nice holes to trip over in.

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