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Tis A Cannon 600D

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I just realized I hadn’t done a post on my new camera! I bought if off eBay and it arrived a week ago. It has a normal and a zoom lens. The best thing is, all the settings that I can change manually. I have been having heaps of fun changing settings. The zoom lens is really good too. I got some fairly close photos of the eagle chick I first found on My Uneventful Walk.  Birds seem to grow up so fast. I have to climb about half way down the cliff to be level with it.  In case you were wondering the camera is a cannon EOS 600D. The screen can come out and swivel around which is quite useful at times. 

On the same photography talk.... I got the Champion Junior Photographic exhibit at the annual show. And a number of other places and HCs. Hopefully I can take more great shots with this camera too!

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