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We are all ok now. We were ok but we were rather scared. Wait I shall start at the beginning. Mummy had gone into town. 

I lay on my bed reading systematic theology (suppose I shall have to get back to that soon) when Alice ran in. She started babbling unintelligible sentences. I caught a few words though; smoke, outside, where is Jane and boys. I got the last part, I had heard Jane and the boys in the granny flat (small house next to ours). Then what she said started to sink in and my heart started to race. A fire outside, smoke, not just little bits of smoke. I looked past the partially drawn curtains, clouds of white and blue smoke floated past. We ran to the lounge room, out the window were our trees and behind them smoke. 

The phone rang. Alice picked it up. Our neighbour two houses up and directly in the path of the smoke said something along the lines of. "Can you see the fire out there, we have called the fire brigade." and some other stuff. "And I think your mum is about to get home." Thank God! We were running to make sure the boys and Jane were where we thought they were when the car drove in. Mum had come back, but the fire still burned. 

 I'm just so glad Mummy got back when she did.  I got my camera.We got out hoses and joiners, then dragged the hose over the road and Mummy started to squirt the burning grass. Fire jeeps and fire trucks started arriving. The neighbours across from us all ready had a hose on the fire. 

Mummy the fire fighter

We could see the power line that had started it. Apparently the closest across the road neighbours had been talking on the phone when their power went out. They went outside and saw the fire as it started and called the fire brigade as well as the neighbours whose paddock the fire started in and whose house it now raced towards. 

The grass in that front paddock is mown so it only burned slowly (at least slowly for a grass fire). We eventually had about five big fire trucks and a few small Jeeps and lots of other cars, including the police and ambulance, there. A lot considering the amount of fires everywhere.

We found out that cockatoos had started the fire as I said in a previous post they chew on anything! And power lines are a sort of anything. The winds made the line snap but it wouldn't have is those cockatoos hadn't chewed it first.

Then Jane and I packed up the hoses, in the process we got our hands, arms and legs covered in ash. We put them back near the our power line that the birds like to sit on. The fire fighters walked around and managed to find the exact place the fire started! Then the man from the Argus turned up, rather too late. Now there are people outside replacing the power lines. 

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  1. Scary!

    I'm glad everyone and everything is alright!

    1. Yes, all except the grass, but at least it wont burn again any time soon!

  2. I was going to do a blog post on how when we got home I could smell smoke in the air. However, after reading this I think smelling smoke seems a bit boring in comparison.

    1. Rather, we have and still are smelling a lot of smoke in the air but today we smelt of smoke.