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Rain + Hail = Mud

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Mud+ boys =  Muddy Boys

We had 26 mm of rain yesterday. It took most of the day to blow up but when it came it came! We hadn't have any rain for over a month and not much then. My little chickens had worked out how to get through the gate and out of the chook pen so I hoped they were all in there where they could get to shelter. I voiced my concerns to Mummy. She said "at least it's not hailing." I said "Don't say that." and then less than a minute later it started hailing... 

My sisters and I dragged the glass topped table under the carport and moved the car forwards. The wind blew hail right through the carport. Thunder roared and lighting flashed, rain pelted down onto the tin roof. I had to shout to be heard above the noise. We had already turned the computers off. The road outside had a white layer of bouncing rain and hail over it. The wind blew the rain into the windows. 

After one downpour had ceased Jane and I raced outside to lock up the chooks/chickens and the G-pigs. The two boys went out  to get wet. Very wet and covered in mud.

I also got a bit mud splattered. I don't see quite how playing in ^that^ is nice... but they had fun. Well I suppose I used to do that too, once. Well I know I did. At least in the puddle down there, well not in that puddle but the puddle that sits in that place whenever we have a considerable amount of rain.

I shall finish with saying praise God for the lovely rain and answered prayer! The plants really needed that.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes it did, they weren't huge hailstones but they were hail and lots of it!

  2. Yes, it was great to get the rain - we didn't get any hail though!

    1. We must have been lucky! Well if getting hail is lucky... It didn't damage anything so I suppose that just makes it fun.