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Day One Give Thanks Challenge

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Well today is the first of November, so it is the beginning of the give thanks challenge!
The challenge is: think of seven things each day to thank God for, seven things each day for a month. I will be posting the things I am thankful for every now and then. Today is the first so...

thankyou God for:
~ The new month
~ The beauty of today’s sunrise
~ The way the morning sunlight shines through the gum leaves
~ The coolness of the morning
~ Your amazing grace
~ The sound of tiny little birds
~ My new camera and the photos I can take with it

and here are two photos of the beautiful, little birds

a young female Superb Fairy Wren
Male Superb Fairy Wren

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  1. Enjoyed your thanksgiving list, Clare! We are glad to have you join us for the challenge this month as we count our blessings. Psalms 103:11: "For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him."