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Annoying Spam Site Stats

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Warning short rant coming up about, never mind, you can read it it you want to know.

Yes my last post was about giving thanks but, well this one isn't. That screen shot is just this months/last months stats. I have 4297 page views (through the life of my blog) but a lot of them would be from those nasty spam site  like; Vampirestat, adsensewatchdog, and all those referring sites that are not blogs or oneyearadventurenovel! I looked them all up this morning but not by clicking on those links! And all the rest were crawlers/bot and spam things.

Apparently clicking the links is exactly what they want you to do and there is no way to stop the bots/spam sites from linking to you and making a fake stat count. Unless you have a word press blog, but I shall not go over to the dark side ;) Annoyingly I have clicked on some of those links before, I shall not do it again! Hopefully that shall leave me alone. 

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  1. Right, clicky-links are bad. I shall keep note of this.

    Oh, and wordpress puts ads straight onto your Blog. For Instance, I've seen them on Alice's Blog. Looked into. Personally, I prefer links that only I can see (more or less), and can easily ignore (not click) to paying $30 to have no ads at all appear.

    1. True, I was saying there is ONE good thing about word press. (yes Alice maybe there is more but that is quite beside the point)