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Glider in the Night

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“What is that noise? I can hear something scratching.” My Mum called from the other room. “Quick come and look there is something on the door.”
I glanced once at the computer screen then jumped up and slipped into the darkness of the other room. “What is it?” I whispered

Something scratched on the gauze of the back door.  “A possum”

“No it’s a sugar glider! I didn’t even know they lived around here.” I exclaimed

“Alice, Jane, come. Quietly!” Mum shouted; interrupting the sugar glides insect feast.

The sugar glider spotted us and jumped onto the bricks next to the door then scuttled along the window ledge.  The little marsupial’s pink nose twitched and it’s claws scrabbled for a hold as it jumped up the gauze on the window. It then stretched out its legs and jumped back onto the bricks, moving straight up the wall with apparent ease.

I had gone back inside to get my camera so now I tried to focus it. I had to do it manually as there was not enough light for the auto focus to work.  The flash dazzled the glider. Then It turned and scampered higher up the wall and around the other side of the house.

It leaped the fold of skin between arms and legs out stretched and landed with a crash on the tin shade over a window. Little black eyes glower red in the light as I shone a torch on them.

The Glider Jumped up onto the bricks again and jumped up the wall. Upon reaching the eaves it turned and looked back down at me. It scratched at the eaves trying to figure a way past them. Not finding a way it stared along the wall angling downwards a little.

I left it there and headed back inside to bed. Outside, the little sugar glider, crept further along the side of the house then leaped into the air once more and glided away into the night. 

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  1. Neat! That must have been very special. And good job at getting some clear pictures of it!

  2. It was pretty amazing. I'm so glad my camera has the good zoom lens and a fairly good flash.