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We Shall not Forget

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Remembrance day report on the Anzac's......

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or Anzac’s began to disembark, just before dawn, on the 25th of April 1915. Plans sometimes fail. The Turks had already sighted them and the ships had veered off course. Landing took place 1 ½ km further north than planned. Before the first boats even got to the shore, bullets started to wiz past.  From the very beginning the whole thing was disastrous. 

The Anzac’s had arrived but already many had fallen. The brave men followed orders to push forward, up the steep, rocky cliffs.  In only three days 5,000 had perished. The soldier’s next orders were “Dig, dig, dig”. So they dug in. From then on no real progress was made, sometimes the Anzac’s took the next ridge but then the Turks counter attacked and took it back. For the next eight months this continued. No gain just the loss of many young lives.

Under cover of darkness they slipped away. Sandbags wrapped around boots and “Ghost Guns” set up to fire occasionally. All the troops evacuated without a single casualty. Though by war standards they lost, these brave men, sailed into history. Their bravery, heroic deeds, and tales of mateship will be told and they shall be another Australian Legend that we shall not forget. 

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