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Give thanks Day 21: In which my thanking turns into a rant on pegs

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21st Thankyou God For:
~washing machines
~washing lines
~washing baskets
~Clothes to wash (that look a lot more like clothes than in that picture)
~washing basket holders
~Our peg bag (That I made) and is now all faded but still works really well
~Last but not least blue pegs. 

I use blue pegs unless I run out and that is rather disastrous. I have used blue pegs for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why I started but I just do now and I have no intention of stopping. Some people also find it amusing when I happen to get a white or pink peg and then nearly hang something out with it. Sometimes it goes flying and if someone gets hit a peg fight can commence. Peg fights also start when there are sheets to be got in. I used to be the tallest and have the longest arms so I am the one who normally gets them in; tradition just like the blue pegs. When I do that, I still need my hands, so the pegs go flying in the general direction of the peg bag which incidentally is also where my sisters often are. So another peg fight rages. 

We chase each other around the clothes line and chuck pegs. When doing this I use any that come into my hand blue or not. A piece of clothing comes down and the pegs fly, the clothes often get folded in a rather messy way, but still the pegs fly. We, often turns out to be Jane and I or (less often) Alice and I. Tis obviously me who is the problem. But then I never have peg fights with my self, and if only Alice and Jane are getting in the washing obviously I was not there! So maybe they do....

Once the washing is in the fight will sometimes go further afield and occasionally into the front yard and around and around the house. Pegs do sometimes get found in strange places, or come inside tangled in hair. (usually mine) 

It is really quite fun. I should know. But don't try this at home because, pegs can, as above mentioned get very tangled in hair, ankles are liable to be twisted and sometimes washing gets dropped. Most of all it is dangerous for the poor pegs which often end up crushed under pounding feet or lost. I don't know where, if I knew where they were they wouldn't be lost would they. 

Sometimes I wonder why we keep needing to buy more pegs.....

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  1. I can't say that I've ever had a peg fight. :) Now maybe if I had a sister or two I would, but I don't. :) And I don't think my brothers would ever get into a fight with pegs. If they did I'd say watch out! :)