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Besieged By Bugs

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Besieged By Bugs and Troubled by Termites. Last night I sat on a lounge under the dimmest light in the room, reading Systematic Theology. I kept being interrupted by the other occupants of the room, as they growled and swatted. We were under siege. Tens, possibility hundreds of bugs were climbing up the gauze of the door and pushing until they came through. Then they charged in and sashed themselves into our lights. The people sitting under the two brightest in the lounge room were showered with wings, wingless and dazed bugs, that found landing on people didn't make them any less dazed, they often ended up dead, or wingless. 

Bugs smashing into lights makes a sort of annoying noise.

Other invades found the crack below one of the gauze windows in the kitchen and came storming in. They bashed themselves into the big light in the kitchen. We left it on so they could die in there and I finally finished the chapter and got a flyswatter and waked most of the besiegers out into the other room. Were they continued to smash into the light and find ways to crawl inside and found some of their long dead grandfathers in the grave yard that is in there. Those who got in never returned and stayed to join their dead.

This morning the kitchen floor had masses of wings scattered under the light and a few wingless termiten attackers (termites) still crawled around, but were soon after squashed by huge feet as they moved about the kitchen. We had conquered.... until tonight I suppose.

Another totally different thing, which happened a while after I had got home from church. And after I had spent what seemed like a long time trying to out wit the ravens which were back again. but that is for another post, maybe when I finally work out what to do..... could be a long time. 

So..... I put the bread knife into into the nice soft loaf, I could almost taste it. As I cut myself a slice the knife grated against something. Black stuff appeared all over my slice I stared into the loaf. Something black poked out into my slice from where it had hidden itself inside our bread loaf. I pulled at it, it slid out. A piece of black plastic and a rusty screw? I inspected the bread maker, nothing seemed broken. Then I noticed the place where dried fruit can be put if one wants to make a fruit loaf, part of it hung at a wonky angle. The screw and plastic had fallen from there and got into my piece of bread! how dare they!

If you hadn't already gathered we make our own bread and according to every sensible person that has ever tried it, it tastes better (except for the screws) than any bought bread. (that they have tried)

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