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Give thanks 2nd-5th and Wallpaper

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The more I try to think of things to be thankful for the more I seem to be able to think of! God made every thing, so as long at any thing is left I suppose I will be able to find something to be thankful for. And that is another thing to be thankful for! I am thankful that I can be thankful. Even if every time I type thankful I put two Ls on the end and have to get rid of them. Well I'm thankful I noticed. Unlike the other day when I said it was the first of October.... and it wasn't until a few nights later when I realized it was November. (and I changed it) Thank God I can edit Posts! 

2nd Thankyou God:
~For books
~That I have sisters to read books with and share funny bits
~for the fun of staying up really really late reading
~That we had a really nice day with other home schoolers yesterday
~ That you came and freed us
~That you love us no matter what
~That we are your daughters and part of your family and bride the church.

3rd Thankyou God:
~That we are made in your Image
~That you govern the seasons
~For air conditioning 
~For the gift of singing and that I am able to sing at church
~For my chooks
~For how you grow us in suffering
~That I could see a spoonbill this morning and get a photo of it (don’t see them often) and the Dollar-bird

4th today I was going to say trees, but since specific prayer is good I decided to try and think of specific things about trees. I ended up with a few more than seven! 
Thankyou God for trees:
~For the beautiful shade they make that is so nice to stand in
~And friends to sit in them with
~And all the tasty fruit and berries and edible things that grow on them
~ For deciduous trees and the amazing colours they turn in Autumn then how they appear dead until spring when they burst into blossom and the tiny leaves start to uncurl then on into summer then they are green and lustrous again.
~Like our ornamental plums which have red and dark green leaves and look so pretty
~And the intricate patterns the leaves shadows make 
~ And how their bark peels off leaving the trunk underneath all lovely and smooth and looks green, gold or silver
~And how the bees flock to the sweat scented and pretty coloured blossoms 
~ Especially casuarina trees as they sway in the wind and make an almost musical whispering
~ For the majesty of old gum trees as their twisting branches reach way up towards heaven 
~ And how they grow up in forests which have little glades in them. 
~ For the feel of different trees, like the smooth spotted gums and the rough ironbark. 

5th Thankyou God:
~ That some old friends are coming over today and we will be able to be with them again
~ That I am one of those that you in your grace chose to save even though you didn’t have to
~That when we repent you forgive
~That there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus
~ For the lovely cool day today
~That I have a really lovely teacher (my mum)
~For my little brothers and how cute they can be... some of the time

I still keep typing thankful with two Ls..... (except then) And I am thankful that I can laugh at myself. Drat I did two Ls again. *giggles*

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  1. Well, I write with two Ls sometimes, too, so you aren't alone. ;)

    1. Yes, but I kept doing it every time, except once that I wrote it!