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I'm singing/driving in the rain

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As the title suggests I have been singing and driving in the rain, well I suppose I was singing too, but to the driving. I hadn't had much wet weather driving experience so today has been really good, well sorta stressful at times. I drove to Muswellebrook and back, (we did some other stuff in between). A lot of the time the rain fell hard and thick, then got lighter and harder again, so I got lots of practice changing the windscreen wiper settings. Sometimes I had a lot of trouble seeing, particularly once when a big truck came past and sprayed heaps of water all over the car. A mist/spray (from the cars) hung over the road too and cars in front of me looked like a whiter patch of spray. 

The rain combined with my brothers singing (different parts of) Grey Beard Halt (A song from the Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan. That we made the mistake of singing too much, so now out brothers sorta know it) made it quite noisy in the car. I also had "Burning Lights" playing and was singing. 

Back to the driving. Once I must have tried to accelerate (while all ready going) in a patch of water and I felt the car slide sideways a tiny bit. The roads are obviously a lot more slippery but the thing I found annoying was how difficult I found it to see the signs. I have a phobia of getting off where the "Left lane ends" too late since the time I ran out of lane.  So only seeing the signs just before the end of the lane is annoying.

Now for an update on driving. I have over 80 hours of day time driving and over 18 hours of nigh time driving. I need 120 hours all together. I also need a lesson some time, I have never had one. Daddy just threw me in the deep end and said drive. So I did. At least now I -all Lplaters- can drive 90. 

The rain is so lovely and it is so amazing to see how quickly everything turns green. I have been watching the grass in my chook pen dying and turning into dirt, but now it is mud and new shoots of green! Grass is an amazing plant! It grows back so fast after rain and doesn't mind getting haircuts (being mown) and we walk on it all the time. Most plants would die at the thought at that!

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