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Watermarks and Jars

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I have decided..... the old watermark has been succeeded, replaced, supersede, overthrown, supplanted, displaced, removed, unseated, thrown into the dungeon... Ok that was rather strange. Yes I have decided on using the new watermark. All those things didn't really happen to it, what really happened is that it has retired. Now it shall live in a grand palace and teach the little watermarks how to behave. *glances sideways* like how to sit on a photo...... and never move....

Now to the jars part. ( I have got over my craziness) Someone mentioned something to me about milk bottles and the sunlight shining through them and how it looked as if a candle burned inside it. I thought yes that would make a good photo, but bottles don't look very pretty.  So I improved on it. "looked as if a candle burned inside it" well why not have a candle burning inside it!

My attempt at that failed. Then I thought water would distort and reflect the light and make it look better and I could have the candle behind the jar. Then I thought, why not three jars! Numbers like three and five are appealing to the eye so I found some more jars. I hoped that the fire ban didn't extend to trying to light matches outside. It took a lot of trying. A slight breeze blew around but the match box and matches were dodgy. They would spark, light and go out or the match sticks would break. Eventually I got one candle lit and used it to light the others.

Volla I got pretty cool looking photos!

And see they have the new watermark on them.

I just had trouble keeping the candles alight when a puff of wind came along.

I did have to relight them a few times. But I think the photos turned out looking very interesting.

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  1. I LOVE #3! It looks like the jars are sitting on a thin, golden strand of wire. And you can't really see the candles in it--it's just a soft glow. :) Good job!

    (Oh, and PS I love the new watermark if I haven't said so before. :))

    1. Thanks, I will be posting a few more jar photos when we get our computers working properly again.