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Ants nests in strange places

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Ants have been wandering across my desk for a week or so and I have been squishing them. Just little black ants, but they get very annoying. The squishing didn’t stop them. So last night I decided to track them. Their trail lead me to the printer. I opened up the place where paper is put for scanning. Inside, under the glass, I saw a massive group of ants, baby ants and eggs. INSIDE THE PRINTER!

We unplugged the printer and opened it up as much as possible. The ants appeared to be leaving.... well they left, that part of the printer. They have gone deeper in. 

So next I put a puddle of ant poison on a piece of plastic and put that in the printer and the ants are eating it! Then we realized the ants were all going back inside the printer. So there would be piles of dead ants in there somewhere.

Our latest Idea is to take out the plastic the poison is on and bang it outside occasionally. But the ants are still coming, and some are going back in there to die.

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