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Give Thanks 22nd-25th

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22nd Thankyou God:
~That the bird watching excursion didn’t get cancelled
~That it stopped raining
~For the photos I could get so we could identify the birds, even if they were not the best photos
~That (Another friend) could come on the bird watching bush walk too
~For the beauty of the mountains, mist and cloud
~For the golden sunset
~For birds and all their lovely calls 

23rd Thankyou God:
~For more rain then sunshine and a surprising amount of heat in comparison to this morning
~Yummy hot spicy Indian food, at least I think so, It was nice, but very, very spicy!
~Turtles! And frogs!
~That the baby Tawny Frogmouth has not been got by the nasty white cat
 ~Raindrops on roses
~For Christmas shopping
~That it is getting closer to Christmas when we can celebrate your coming to rescue us form sin and misery. 

24th Thankyou God:
~For writers who write good books, books with meaning, that can capture the mind and transport the soul to their made up world, that seems almost real.
~For the writings of C.S Lewis
~For the writings of Calvin Miller
~For the writings of J.R Tolken
~For the writings of John Flanagan, rangers apprentice (I wouldn’t say they are quite up to the standards of ^those^ others but they are really good)
~For the ability to read, and that there are so many books to read!
~For the writings of God. The bible which is written by him through many authors

25th Thankyou God:
~That it is only a month until Christmas!!
~For my sewing machine, (although it is much harder to unpick things sewn with the sewing machine)
~For needles, they are really good for stabbing your self with
~And for threads, and all the colours of thread there are
~Material, I can never have too much… I just have to find somewhere to put it all…
~Our minds, how amazing they are, and all the thought we can come up with. 
~That the Tawny Frog mouths are okay and the nasty cat has not got them!

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