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The Tale of Cobb & Co

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It started way back in 1853, by a man called Freeman Cobb
He came to Australia and to the Goldfields, looking for a job

Starting a coach service was the plan he devised 
Cobb & Co pioneered the roads, though very small sized

They started out with only horsemen a few
But soon to thirty thousand, their number of horses grew

The government got interested, and gave them the royal mail
Cobb & Co made so much; Freeman put it up for sale

Cobb & Co expanded, across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales
Out across this vast land Cobb & Co spread its trails

When at its peak six thousand horses were harnessed each day
Australians’ built the coaches, and painted them colours gay

The colourful coaches each pulled by a beautiful team
They had a great reputation for speed and went like a dream

But then came the trains on many a rail road track
And passengers for the coaches started to lack

Now they are finished, but never them will we forget
Through the stories they come and we hear their hooves yet

This started out as a report, but turned into something much more interesting. I did the sketch to go with the poem. 

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