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Rain: Give Thanks day 10-12

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10th Thankyou God:
~That you took our sins upon yourself and bridged the eternal separation.
~ For strengthening us when we rely on you.
~For sunlight and how it gives warmth/heat and makes everything so bright
~For the beauty of flickering candle light and the dancing shadows it makes
~That today had been so nice and cool, not like the last few days!
~ That I live in a country where your people can gather in your name to worship together and serve one another and glorify you
~ That the virus (computer virus) only killed one computer and didn’t spread to any others

My chickens are getting big!

11th Thankyou God:
~ For the lovely, lovely rain!
~ That it still might rain more
~ That we got 17mills
~ For how beautiful everything looks when the sunlight shines of the water droplets that are spangling the outside world
~For our house that keeps us warm and dry
~For gumboots that keep my feet dry
~For the smell of rain 

12th Thankyou God:
~ That we have had even more rain, we really needed it
~ For laughter and crazy comments/conversations
~ That our new computer came
It was quite funny because when we pulled it all pot of the box, my brother looked at the mouse keyboard and computer and said “Where is the computer?” He meant the screen/monitor and obviously we weren’t getting a new one of them but he thought that is the computer. Well I must admit that when I was little I thought that too. The actual computer hides in a cupboard under the monitor and the monitor is the bit that appears to be doing things so it makes sense. 
~ That Daddy helped me plug it all in and showed me a bit of how to set it up and that now we can use it! Yay, but it is windows 7….
~For the photos I could take of the grey crowned babblers (birds) this morning, before the sun went away.
~ For the tawny Frogmouth nest I have been looking for and finally found!
~That we have computers and keyboards and networking and the internet!

I have taken a lot more photos of jars so have done a post on my photography blog

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