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A Hot Day

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It all started with the science course I am doing, saying I should try get a fifteen minute tour of a power station. Daddy works at a power station so there was a possibility something might happen. Dad also said a fifteen minute power station tour wouldn't get you very far at all. Then he heard about a tour a friend of his would be doing for a group of TAFE students. So I tagged along. It was a lot longer than fifteen minutes.

If this is the view looking out imaging what I could see when I looked straight down

I had to wear some rather well, lets say unfashionable things, not that I care about fashion. I wore a high viz shirt (bright pink with reflective stripes) trousers, glasses, a hard hat, enclosed shoes and ear plugs. The ear plugs were definitely necessary. 

This morning I was not sure what I would think about the height, but I found that in this case it didn't bother me

We looked at so much stuff. And walked over a lot of interesting things too. like water. I just got  to the top of some steps and walked onto the grid mesh, I noticed something underneath. Then I proceeded further along looking at the pools of water on either side, I looked down again and realized the stuff under the grid mesh  was not solid..... at all. More water flowed under there. I figured that really I had more of a chance of falling into the water next to me than under. Later we walked up more steps and rode on on some lifts. I think the lifts were the worst thing about today. I don't know it the heat made it worse, but my brain felt like it would pop or my insides fall out. Other than that there are no windows and the door does not have a handle.

We were now up really high and looking down I could see level upon level of grid mesh. If I looked out the view made it feel as if I must be flying or standing on top of a mountain, I don't think I have ever been in a very high, high rise building. Now I have been in a high power station.

Our guide opened a tiny door into one of the furnaces where the coal dust is burnt. The heat issuing from the small door made me remember Daniel 3:22 Because the king's order was urgent and the furnace overheated, the flame of the fire killed those men who took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  No one could survive some place that hot. We looked at the control room, It didn't have any of the buttons and leavers and flashy lights that places like that have in movies. Just lots of computer screens. 

Once because I wore joggers, I could not go into the turbine area so I stayed in a small room with two air cons and some cabinets with switches and buttons. I did not even get told not to touch anything. Of course I didn't but I wondered what would happen if I did. According to my dad it is a very good thing I didn't. The room had air cons because the equipment in it couldn't survive in the heat, it was old, I forget what it does.

Actually I forget most of what our guide said, I did enjoy seeing everything though.

The over all impression I got was, NOISE, Wind (Only in a few high up places but so strong) and HEAT. I think that also because I couldn't really understand much of this, but maybe I would be more so if I could, I felt that the power station is an amazing feat of human technology. The size of it and how each switch does something, each has a part to play, to generate a large part of the countries electricity. 

I couldn't help thinking back to the trees. As an example of just one of Gods amazing feats. I find it difficult to see how people can know -for example- how difficult the power station is to run and how each part is necessary and then look back at a tree and say it created and sustains itself. It just isn't possible, even if you already had a power station built and you took away all the people, the power station would not be able to run itself. it needs sustains just as it did creators. Just like we do.

Psalm 3:5

I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.

Psalm 55:22

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

Sorry for the great lack of posts recently. I have had lots of ideas and more will come, just hopefully some time too. Next week I finish school for the year and unlike public schools that do nothing for the last few weeks I have been flat out. I am very proud of managing to actually write this, today. *checks the time* Yep it still is today, but i'd better to bed. Well actually when most people read this it will already be tomorrow, as sensible people should be thinking about sleeping right now....... this probably could have been longer but well, it you want to know anything else, ask me later. Later as in another day, or any day, as long as it is day. 

Wait if someone from America reads this soon they will be reading it today, even if for me their today is yesterday. So my tomorrow will be their today, or my tomorrow night. I'm getting confused..... I'd better stop!

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