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Courage is Despite Fear

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I have finally found time to write two poems on courage that I am entering in a poetry competition.....The theme is courage..... obviously and here are the poems. 

A Soldier’s Courage

They started out on an adventure, they didn’t yet know of fear
They marched away in rashness, until they approached the frontier 

They looked upon the trenches, they saw the injured and dead
They heard the nearby gunfire, bombs fell from the sky overhead

They realized now the fear, they kept on gripped with fearfulness
They fought and understood, that some would die in battle dress

They now had only courage, they marched and bled
They showed true bravery, courage held up its head

They lived and died, showing courageous daring determination
Giving Australia the right, to call itself a nation

With Courage

With courage I let you go Bill dear, I’ll be ever waiting for you here
With courage I’ll wave and watch you go, you will fight with courage I know
With courage I’ll pray at the dawn, that you will one day see our baby, yet unborn 
With courage I will stay, and write to you as you sail far away

With courage I let you go Nelly dear, one day I shall come back here
With courage I’ll wave as away I go, you will be strong for me I know
With courage I’ll pray in the morn, for safety, for us and our baby unborn
With courage I leave you here to stay, while I defend our mother country far away

With courage we will united be, though separated by a wide stretching sea
With courage we will see each other again, our courage we must sustain
With courage we will hold our heads high, our courage inside us shall not die
With courage Bill dear, with courage Nell, I’ll sail back and all will be well

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