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Tubing at Lake St Clair

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My second time tubing was fun! Post on the first here. Right now I am feeling not so fun, it's my arms mostly, they seem to have been pulled from their sockets.... Not literally, well not quite. 

I went on the "Biscuit" which is a flat, round blow up thing with handles. It is designed for two people to ride on, but at that stage only Alice and I were ready to go. So Alice got the tube you sit in and I got the biscuit all to myself. The only problem is that with only one person on, the tendency to flip becomes greater. We bumped along behind the boat, water spraying in our faces, the "Biscuit" flipped, I fell off. 

The second time it flipped I hung on, which may not have been the smartest thing to do. I don't think I stayed hanging on for really long time, but it felt like I did. I remember hanging on and looking up at what had been the top of the "Biscuit" and seeing the white water racing past. And wondering how long I could hold my breath for. The water pulled my body back but I held on. I remember realizing that the thing wouldn't flip back up and anyway I needed to breathe. So I let go. The boat came back around and I manged to flip the "Biscuit" up the right way (not the easiest thing to do in who knows how deep water). I got up and we went again. 

A little later it decided to flip again but I stayed on, annoyingly the boat slowed down and the "Biscuit" decided to dive under water and I got left behind. After getting back on I started feeling really exhausted! but we kept going and it flipped again.

I enjoyed it though. Sarah and my sister Jane made an amazing team for that evil thing of a "Biscuit".  I got some really nice photos with my zoom lens from the boat. I managed to keep the camera dry except once when I flicked my hair right onto the lens..... not a smart move. I did have the extra UV lens thing on so I took that off and managed to dry it. 

I went on the boat a few times and got photos of some people falling off. One of whom we (as in the driver of the boat the other person and me) deliberately threw out into the bumpy water then slowed the boat. He fell of. 

My brothers enjoyed it, their hair got blown about till it just stuck straight up in the air without needing wind to blow it!

I also swam around near the shore and jumped into tubes (that weren't currently being used). Well not tied behind a boat. Other people were trying to sit in them too, which was why I decided to. We had wars where sometimes we would help each other get someone then turn and attack each other then together go hunting for another victim. I snuck up on other people and tipped them out of tubes, pretended to be a crocodile and bite their legs (with my hands) or just popped up near them.  

Twas a fun and beautiful day. The view across the sparkling waters to the green hills all around was amazing. Yes it is painful now but I think it was worth it. I know it was.

There are no photos of me because I had the camera, but some other people have a photo of me both with the camera in my face.... hehe! I took so many photos and some of them are really nice. So for one last photo. Sarah, actually smiling a real smile not her photo smile, thanks Sarah. 

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  1. I love the photo we have of you taking a photo...pure Clare! I checked out Tubing 1 by the way...looking heaps more sedate. ;)

    1. Well I have given you a copy of quite a few of the photos I took. Could you get me a copy of he one Mr S-B took of me?

      The "biscuit" is much more hmm, less sedate, than the other tubes, especially the double chair one, as far as I know no one has ever fallen of it (at least without being deliberate).