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Quilting a Quilt...

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Well yes I have been quilting a quilt. That sounds strange but anyway. I have finished quilting and binding it. Apparently I  finished the quilt in record time too. I started it about two years ago. Yes I said record time. I finished the patchwork part of the quilt in July and made the cushions then too.  

Now I have quilted the back, inside and front together (It is a good thing I bought a new unpicker the other week) and I have done the binding, which is the green strip around the outside. So it will keep me nice and warm..... except that it is summer... so it is hot... O well winter will come and then it will be nice and warm and it won't leave feathers everywhere like my old doona used to.

Photo taken with my camera by Alice

Photo taken with my camera by Alice

My Aunt - who makes lots of quilts- helped me finish quilting it over Christmas, while we stayed out at the farm with them. She is the one who said quilts often take more than two years to make. Though they could take a much shorter time.... If most of those two+ years were not spent with the quilt sitting in bags in draws..... Often that was because I did not know what I had to do next and had to wait till the next time my Aunt dropped by so she could tell me.

I will sometime do a little bit of hand quilting in the very middle around the wreath and horses heads. And I might even make another quilt one day. One day, could be a long time away but Lord willing I shall.

*Sigh* back from holidays and back to the computer... Well three days without the computer didn't kill me, but it is so nice to have it back. Going without something (ie. the computer) makes me more thankful so it is good in a way. Thankful is always good. Expect some shots of birds and other such things that I took photos of while at the farm in coming posts.

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