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Trophies and Badges

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Warning a rant on an aspect of the craziness of humanity is about to explode from the page. 

Every one must be as good as everyone else. Every one must win. Without prizes, rewards, bribery we can't do anything. You need bribery to even try. No? Isn't that true? Well if it isn't then why is society screaming it at me? 

I remember when my sisters and I did Irish Dancing for a year (Since it is a more modest form of dance than some others). The company thing that did it also taught lots of other dancing styles. At the end of the year EVERY student from every class, received a trophy, identical except for the name of the student. What is the point? So every kid can win? Maybe that is a good thing and maybe not. Does this make us lazy, and never strive to be better? Is this those low expectations again?

We were meant to keep our hands
straight down by our side
The trophy was a rather immodest thing, the lady depicted looked like a belly dancer or something similar and had her arms raised above her head. At the time I thought that a rather brainless thing of the designers to do, as for the last year we had been continually told to keep our hands down by our sides. In Irish dancing your hands should nearly always be straight at your sides, unless you are doing some pattern/dancing thing with others. 

I remember Sunday school, we had to be bribed to answer questions. I wonder if that is why when the pastor asks the congregation a question he wants answered, it takes a long time for only one or two people to say anything. I also remember sometimes not liking the bribes (which were lollies) so therefore not answering the questions (If I did I'd have to eat one of those things). 

I used to play computer games and was always getting 'rewards' for finishing tasks and the like. But those things aren't even real and are quite pointless and a waste of time. Why do we spend so much of our precious time on getting pointless, virtual rewards? We do not need them. Our time is a gift from God and if we waste it, we will never get it back again. Are we being taught that we need these 'rewards' to prove ourselves? Do we think we need them for people to like us. Do computer games bring joy?

I was rather bothered when I started an online course (free, called Agriculture and the World We Live In)  and I created my profile for the site (Open 2 Study) and started getting notifications of all the badges I have got.  Yes already!

I was trying to do stuff and things kept popping up saying I had a notification. A badge for creating a profile, and another badge for confirming some part of it??? So what, I don't care! All through the course badges have been popping up.

Computer: You have been awarded the badge of knowledge for participating in the forum.  

Me: Great I ask a question because I don't get something and I'm told I have great knowledge?

Computer: You have been awarded the bronze map badge

Me: why?

Computer: You just got your third bronze badge

Me: I get badges so then I can get another, great *rolls eyes*

Computer: You have been awarded the silver quest coin badge for attempting four assessments. 

Me: Thanks I attempted them, makes me feel as if I didn't complete them and as you should know, I also got 100% on all of them

Computer: You have been awarded the Crown Jewel badge for getting 100% on all your tests

Me: You were a bit slow. I hadn't noticed (sarcastically).

and so on. That conversation is not exactly what was said, and it wasn't a conversation, it was me being annoyed in my head as I read the notifications. 

Seriously I don't need bribery. If I wanted to do this course I would do it without the badges. They are useless anyway. The 100% isn't at all amazing either. I could answer most of the quizzes before I watched the lecture. And after watching the lecture, well I have ears! And most of the time I have a memory.

I told Mum I'd finished my agriculture course. She asked me if I had got 100%. So I asked if that was an insult. I started to give an example of one of the questions (they are multiple choice). "What is it called when plants." That is a far as I got before Mummy answered "photosynthesis" which of course is the correct answer. Some were more difficult but most were similar to that one.

Awards are not bad, don't get me wrong. Some awards can mean a lot. But so many are pointless and some drive me plain craazy.

Ahhh I'm glad I could finally say this, it has been bugging me.

We should chase rewards. Yes I know what I have just been saying but we should. Heavenly rewards though, rewards that last forever. Matthew 6:19-20 Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Our heavenly father wants us to have joy. So go and use your time wisely, it is a gift of God. Pursue joy and heavenly rewards. Go for the rewards worth waiting for. 

Note: The course was informative and enjoyable and there is one good thing about the badges... I had inspiration for another blog post.

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