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An Aussie Christmas Tree

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We used to have a pine tree as our Christmas tree, but then the pines we cut the tops of each year started dying so we needed an alternative. Not a "Dead" tree eg. plastic. 

So we thought why not a gum tree. Why should it have to be a pine tree? It doesn't. It is tradition to use ever green pine trees, but who says tradition means you have to do something! Originally they were a symbol of life in winter....but it is not winter at Christmas it is summer. 

Traditionally evergreens were used, well gum trees are ever greens, so are most Australian trees. So now we use gum trees for a real Aussie Christmas. They don't last quite as long but if they are cut down really early in the morning when it is still cool they last longer. 

We have also learnt from experience that the thin leafed trees also survive better than ones with the more rounded leaves. Watering the tree also helps. 

This year we have got a multi trunked tree as you can probably see from the photos. That made it have thicker foliage and Dad said it also made it easier to jam the bricks around (to hold it up in the bucket (which is inside the pot)).

Some of the decorations get a bit lost in it, because you cant hang them to far out on the branches or else the branched bend down or the baubles just slide off. And now I shall go and continue sewing those presents so I have something to put under the tree, and wrap up those others, and make the cards and....well I'm sure there is something else I have to do!

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