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My New Pets

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My new pets arrived yesterday morning. 

Our neighbor a few houses away is moving so they needed to leave a few of their poultry behind. The two I now have arrived, one in a cage in the back of the ute and the other sitting on the passenger seat. In the back of the car stood a male duck, a huge Muscovy duck. I didn't realize they could be so big. I had thought my two girls were big! 

In the passenger seat sat a male bronze wing turkey! They are both pets and not for eating.... despite what others think.

My chooks were all terrified of Mr Turkey and still are rather wary of him. As could be guessed from his arriving in the ute's passenger seat, he is friendly. 

Annoyingly the sun only came out after I had loaded the photos onto he computer, (and the camera battery died in the middle of the first time of loading them on) so they are not taken in the best light.

He is also very heavy! Once I (with the help of my sister Jane) finally got the chooks and ducks into their pen where I lock them at night, I tried to shoo him in too. I failed. Then I tried to catch him and finally cornered him in about the most difficult place in the chook (or should I say poultry) yard, to carry a kicking turkey out of. I didn't drop him though and I got him into the cage. Though I came out rather the worse for it, he must have been walking around in mud and the other stuff that is found in poultry yards, now that had all be transferred onto me and my clothes.... Still he is pretty cool!

Yesterday the boys (my brothers) would both back away from the fence as the turkey came closer, but this morning after breakfast Samuel went outside and gobbled at the turkey which gobbled back. They gobbled at each other for a while but then I think the turkey got sick of it and wandered off. 

Now my new pets need names, but I am not yet sure what those will be. I think I want names from J.R.Tolkien's books, to go with Aragorn my rooster. So it you think of any that would go with either one of them let me know!

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  1. I don't know why, but when you said suggest a name from a J.R Tolkien book, I thought Gimli for the Turkey. No idea why. I just did...

    1. Gimli the Gobbler... hmm, possibly. Any other ideas anyone?

    2. Possibly a name of a more...hmmm noble character. But I think of Gimli as short and fat which could fit...