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I really enjoy reading this sort of post on other people blogs so I thought it would only be fair to have a go at it myself. So here goes, as the title suggests.

Walking into a room forgetting what you went there for walking out and instantly remembering.

“Clare how do you throw the sticks so far?”
“Well you hold it so and flick.”
Then the stick just goes about two meters...... yes sooo far...not...and it would happen the time I am showing someone.
Another time, I hold and flick and the stick snaps and drops to the ground....

Swaying while singing to myself and juicing oranges, (singing quietly.) Then someone comes up and says, “So does doing that help juice the oranges?”

Singing what I think is the right verse for the song playing on the computer while in the kitchen, but the person who is standing between me and the computer knows I am singing the wrong verse because they can hear both. 

Opening my mouth to say something then someone else interrupts and I instantly forget what I was about to say, and the person who I was talking to knows I was about to say something.

Talking nonstop on the phone, finishing that line of thought and having absolutely nothing else to say, so there is silence. Then I wonder if there is still someone on the other end and so do they so we both begin talking at the same time. 

Talking to someone and the phone cuts out but not noticing and going on talking. Or vica versa and when I try ringing them back they are still talking so the phone is engaged. 

When someone asks me if I am at uni or working and I am only in year ten (at least I think I’m in year ten)(well I was last year)

Forgetting to put water in the rice….so it does not cook….and having to give the explanation of why tea is going to be so late…

Walking through a door talking with someone, I close the door, my hair gets closed into the door. I stop with a jerk. Or I manage to miss my hair and get their shirt instead… I’m not sure what is worse.

Taking photos of myself, (with a ten second timer). I wanted a photo of my feet in the air….. So I was jumping up and down in front of the camera…. Then I noticed my uncle watching.  And now I can’t even remember why I was trying to take the photo….

Well I hope that got a bit of laughter or at least big nods of agreement and some grins. Though rather awkward at the time, later things look much funnier. 

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